Police Report

To obtain a copy of any of the following Police Reports, you must complete a Request for Police Records Form (PDF). These forms are available on this page as well as at the front counter of the Police Department. You will be required to provide photo identification in the form of a:

  • California Driver's License
  • California Identification Card
  • Immigration Card
  • Military Identification
  • Passport

The fee for any report or log item is $1. If you are authorized by law to purchase a copy of a Los Alamitos Police Department report, your request will be accepted and processed within 7 to 10 working days.

Please email record request forms and a copy of your identification to the Records Bureau.

Traffic Collision Reports

California Vehicle Code Section 20012 provides for the release of Traffic Collision Reports to:

  • Involved persons
  • Drivers
  • Injured passengers
  • Guardians
  • Parents of minors
  • Owners of vehicles or property damaged
  • Persons who may incur civil liability
  • Authorized representatives of a driver, i.e., attorney or insurance company

Attorneys and or insurance representatives are required to provide written authorization signed by their client to obtain a copy of a report.

Crime & Incident Reports

The release of Police reports is governed by California Government Code 6254 and 6254(f). This section identifies the following parties as those to whom a police agency is required to provide information: victims; authorized representatives of the victim (signed waiver or authorization required); insurance carrier against which a claim has been or might be made; and, any person suffering bodily injury, property damage, or loss.

No copy of a report shall be provided if disclosure would endanger the safety of a person involved in the investigation or if disclosure would endanger the successful completion of the investigation or a related investigation. Copies of reports will not be released if they contain the name, address and phone number of a witness or confidential informant, or the name, address and phone number of a victim of a crime as defined by California Penal Code Sections 220, 261, 262, 264, 264.1, 273a, 273d, 273.5, 286, 288, 288a, 289, 293, 293.5, 422.6, 422.7, 422.75, and 646.9.

Arrest Reports

The release of Arrest Reports is governed by California Government Code Section 6254 (f) (1). Contact the Orange County District Attorney's Office at 714-896-7261 to obtain a copy of your arrest report.

Juvenile Reports & Contacts

Juvenile information includes any document relating to juvenile contacts and/or arrests, even if court proceedings were not instituted, including records of temporary custody and detention of a minor. The release of juvenile information requires the permission of the Orange County Juvenile Court Judge.

If you have any questions regarding the request or release of police reports, please call the Police Records Bureau.

Vacation Check

Going on vacation or out of town? The Los Alamitos Police Department can conduct a vacation check of your property while you're away from your home. Please fill out and submit a Vacation Check (PDF) to the Los Alamitos Police Department at least a week before your planned departure. 

Parade/Block Party Permit

Please contact our Department Secretary Veronica Wilson regarding the permit process to hold a parade, block party, or assembly in the City of Los Alamitos. 

Police Assistance

  • To call the Police Department in an emergency, call 911
  • To request 24-Hour Police service in a non-emergency, call 562-594-7232
  • For Police Department administrative and business matters, call 562-431-2255

Police Department Business Hours

The Los Alamitos Police Department lobby is open for administrative business Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm. After hours, an officer can be summoned to the Police Department lobby by calling 562-594-7232.

When you call the police, be prepared to give the dispatcher the exact location and nature of the emergency. Tell the dispatcher whether you need police, fire or paramedic service. The 911 number can be used to summon emergency assistance from any of these agencies.

After providing the nature and location of the problem, be prepared to provide the following information to the dispatcher. The dispatcher will ask specific questions based on the information you provide. Please answer the questions and listen closely for the follow-up questions as the dispatcher is trained to elicit not only the most accurate information but in an order most useful for responding police, fire, and paramedics.

Common Information to Report

You will need to provide a description of the situation and when it occurred. You will need to report if anyone is injured. If the incident involves a suspect, you should try to provide a description including:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair Color
  • Eyeglasses
  • Clothing, hat

When giving a vehicle description, provide the:

  • Color
  • Type of vehicle
  • Make
  • Model
  • License Plate Number
  • Direction of Travel


  • Type of Weapon (Gun or knife)
  • Color
  • Size

Medical Aid

If the emergency call is for medical aid, be prepared to brief paramedics as they arrive by providing such information as the patient's age, gender, and nature of the complaint or injury, including pertinent health history if known. If safety permits, open the entry doors and turn on adequate lighting. If there are double doors, open both to facilitate moving in equipment and evacuating the patient. If someone else is in need of paramedic service, tell them assistance has been called. Make the patient as comfortable as possible, and if you are able, loosen tight clothing such as belts and neckties.

If there are sufficient people at the scene, direct a volunteer, or draft someone to go outside and direct responding emergency personnel to the location. Remember, the responders will probably be familiar with the area and know which hundred block they are responding to, but if someone is there to wave them down, it can save precious seconds.

Dispatch Services

Dispatch services for the Los Alamitos Police Department are provided by West Cities Communications (West-Comm).

  1. Records Bureau

    Phone: 562-431-2255, ext. 402

  2. Police Department

    Physical Address
    3201 Katella Avenue
    Los Alamitos, CA 90720

    Emergency Phone: 911

  3. Veronica Wilson

    Department Secretary
    Phone: 562-431-2255 ext 401