Revive Los Alamitos

Coming February 2024
revive mailer

The City’s Economic Development Division is excited to launch this program intended for Los Alamitos based businesses. This grant opportunity will allow brick and mortar storefronts and commercial establishments to invest in their property to make improvements to their façade, address outdated repairs for their business, replace old structures and landscaping, and otherwise freshen the aesthetics for greater shopping experience and customer appeal. Additional criteria and eligibility rules will apply. Interested businesses are encouraged to contact the Development Services Department for any questions by calling City Hall at (562) 431-3538.

Revive Los Alamitos (Fiscal Year 2024) 

Revive Los Alamitos is a Façade Improvement Grant Program that provides 50/50 matching grants to business and property owners to complete façade improvements on buildings in Los Alamitos. This document contains information about grant amounts, eligibility, evaluation criteria, and other program guidelines. Please contact the Economic Development Division at 562-431-3538 with any questions.




The program provides 50/50 matching grants. Three levels of grant funding are available: 

  • Level One: To be used for signage and awnings. The maximum grant amount is 50% of the grantee’s cost up to $5,000. 
  • Level Two: To be used for painting, signage, and landscaping and irrigation. The maximum grant amount is 50% of the grantee’s cost up to $10,000. 
  • Level Three: To be used for all Level One or Two improvements, plus the restoration/refurbishment of architectural elements such as windows, cornices, trim, and other architectural details. The maximum grant amount is 50% of the grantee’s cost up to $15,000.


Maximum Grant Amount

% of Total

Grantee must spend

Level One




Level Two




Level Three





*Grantees may request less than the maximum amount of the grant for any level* 



The program criteria are listed below:

  • Must be a business and commercial property within the City of Los Alamitos
  • Independent contractors are not eligible.
  • City Staff and Elected Officials are not eligible.
  • Fees paid to outside agencies are not eligible (i.e., schools, county, districts).
  • Must present direct nexus between permitted work and receipts for local purchases.
  • Free of any building and code violations.
  • Program expiration is set for one calendar year from launch date.
  • Business must have a valid Los Alamitos Business License. 

Please click here to view the complete Revive Los Alamitos Program Guidelines.