Who can obtain a construction permit?

A permit will be issued to:

  • A property owner, for work on single family or duplex buildings, provided that the owner lives in one of the units.
  • A licensed contractor.
  • A non-resident property owner of a single family or commercial property if the value of the work does not exceed 10% of the building's value in any 12-month period.

When a permit is taken out, the signature and identity of the applicant must be verified. A California Driver's License, State of California Identification Card, or other positive identification will meet this requirement.


Contractors working in the City of Los Alamitos are required to have a Los Alamitos Business License.

If a contractor has employees, a Certificate of Workers' Compensation Insurance must be on file with the Development Services Department. Contractors working alone may waive this requirement, but must show a pocket copy of their State Contractors License.

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