Our Weekend of Art is scheduled for March 17-19, 2017!


For more information about performing at our exhibition, please click here.

For a visual art application, please click here.


To participate as an ARTS & CRAFTS vendor, please click here.

To participate as a food vendor, please click here.


If you are interested in donating or sponsoring this event, please email mshimada@cityoflosalamitos.org or call (562) 430-1073 ext. 511.

THANK YOU to all the artists who participated in this exciting event last year!


Mayor’s award winners:

First Place: Piece Name: Homage to Greek & Romans By: Harry Futoran
Second place: Piece Name: Breakthrough By: Alison Chou
Third place: Piece Name: Roman Sanctum By: Hedi Roethal
Honorable mention: Piece Name: Xing By: Tom Oliver

Commissioner’s award winners:

First Place:Piece Name: Through a Screen By: Samara Shore
Second place: Piece Name: Teamwork By: Brett Holleman_
Third place: Piece Name: Hestia & Her Pet Mouse By: Taryn Lee
Honorable mention: Piece Name: A lovely Figure in the Wind By:_Bela Penn

Art Educator award winners:

First Place: Piece Name: Complete By: Ashleigh Bostic
Second place: Piece Name: Blue Eye Wolf By: Isabella Katherine Espinoza
Third place: Piece Name: Untiltled By: Shelby Taylor
Honorable mention: Piece Name: Flower Vase By: Jinka Kawaski

Curator’s award winners:

First Place: Piece Name: Core Essence By: Nicole Fournier
Second place: Piece Name: Bambi By: Jessica Edalati
Third place: Piece Name: Compassion By: Joan Sanders
Honorable mention: Piece Name: Guatemalen Girl By: Manuel Barrilas

THANK YOU to our generous donors who have graciously contributed to the 2016 event!

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