5:00 pm-8:00 pm- Exhibit open & award ribbons placed. Light refreshments will be served.

5:00 pm- The Lovelies performing acoustic contemporary music

6:00 pm- Opening Ceremony

6:15 pm- Brian Oliva performing spoken word

6:30 pm- MYART performing musical theatre

7:15 pm- Asencia Flamenca performing flamenco dance


9:00 am-3:00 pm exhibit open

Join us for the following demonstrations:

9:00 am-12:00 pm- Los Alamitos High School students-kids painting activity

9:00 am-3:00 pm- Day Dreamers Academy- kids film creation activity

10:00 am-3:00 pm- Ivan Preciado demonstrating graffiti art

12:00 pm-12:30 pm- Wendy Gross discussing stain glass process


12:00 pm-5:00 pm- Exhibit, food trucks, and vendor booths open

12:15 pm- Dance West Performing commercial dance

1:15 pm-Painter Larson Academy performing Irish dance

2:00 pm- Hudson Dance Academy performing commercial dance

2:30 pm- New Heart Hula Ministry performing Polynesian dance

3:00 pm- awards/closing ceremony with key note speaker Jeff Carthew, Co Department Head for Los Alamitos High School Visual Arts Department

3:45 pm- Sugar Lips performing 60s-present hits


THANK YOU to all the artists who participated in this exciting event last year!


Mayor’s award winners:

First place- Piece Name: Balancing Act By: Katrina Stiller
Second place- Piece Name: Futuristic By: Steven Chan
Third place- Piece Name: Turn to Page 394 By: Paige Frank

Commissioner’s award winners:

First place- Piece Name: Deception By: Kendall Traylor
Second place- Piece Name: Gracefulness By: Liz Nguyen-Espinoza
Third place- Piece Name: Bad Oak By David Phillips

Art Educator award winners:

First place- Piece Name: Wave By: Rachel Price
Second place- Piece Name: Chicago Airport By: Amy Lin
Third place- Piece Name: Wine in One Hand, Camera in the Other By: Jackie Lovato

Curator’s award winners:

First place- Piece Name: Proud Eagle By: Joan Skogsberg-Sanders
Second place- Piece Name: The Royal Bubbles By: Sydney Bang
Third place- Piece Name: Rapture By: Cristina Guttierez

Elementary Division award winners:

First place- Piece Name: A Snow Day By: Kristen Chan
Second place- Piece Name: My Favorite Rise By: Harsha Ramesh
Third place- Piece Name: Narwals By: Nora Wicks

Junior High Division award winners:

First place- Piece Name: Braces By: Kyler Fox
Second place- Piece Name: In Harmony with Nature By: Sabrina Espinoza
Third place (Tied)-Piece Name: End of Storm By: Andrew Harper and Piece Name: Koi Pond By: Isabella Espinoza

High School Division award winners:

First place- Piece Name: Bound to Heart By: Samara Shore
Second place- Piece Name: Bad Habits By: Juliet Votino
Third place-Piece Name: Release By: Angela Nguyen

Adult Division award winners:

First place- Piece Name: Untitled By: Liz Dorn
Second place- Piece Name: Forest Magic By: Gary Saldivar
Third place- Piece Name: Reading Buddies By: Sandi Candiotty

People’s Choice Award:

Piece Name: Mountain & Meadow By: Luz Adriana Rodriguez

THANK YOU to our generous donors who have graciously contributed to the 2017 event!

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