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Los Al Bucks are eligible for use at participating businesses commencing on

Monday, September 19, 2022 through Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Click here to view the list of Los Alamitos Businesses enrolled in the program. 

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About the Los Al Bucks Program

In a continued effort to support our local businesses and residents, the City of Los Alamitos will be presenting a second round of the Los Al Bucks program to promote shopping local, while bringing the community together. The City will be mailing $50 worth of Los Al Bucks to each household located in the City. The Bucks may be used at a participating Los Alamitos business. 


If your business would like to participate in this program, please complete the form in the link below and submit via email to or in-person at City Hall. If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact the Development Services Department via email at or via phone at (562) 431-3538.

This program is federally funded via the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

COVID-19 has affected businesses throughout the country with the small business sectors being impacted the most. Los Alamitos is home to hundreds of small businesses and along with the rest of the nation, is slowly recovering. Recognizing the critical role that small businesses plays in the present and future of Los Alamitos, the Los Al Bucks Program will assist recovery and create community with both the resident and businesses of Los Alamitos.

Program Guidelines:

The following is guidance that shall be adhered to by all participants of the program:

Los Al Bucks are not redeemable for cash 
Los Al Bucks cannot be used for the following business types: cannabis (cannabis-related), gas stations, home-based businesses, and online food delivery services.
Los Al Bucks cannot be used for the purchase of the following items: lottery tickets, tobacco related products, *alcohol (*alcohol with a meal is acceptable).
Los Al Bucks can only be used within the allotted time period specified by the City 
 Duplication of Los Al Bucks is not permitted for any reason. All Los Al Bucks will be imprinted with a special security feature, which will provide businesses and the City with the ability to identify forged bucks.
Duplicated Los Al Bucks are not eligible for use and cannot be redeemed.
Residents redeeming their “Double Your Bucks" must do so within the identified period. Proof of purchase (original receipt only) must be presented at the time redeeming.
The value of each Los Al Buck is according to what has been specified by the City. If unclear, check with the City to confirm the value.
Interested businesses must have a current Los Alamitos business license with no outstanding items.
Interested businesses must submit the Acknowledgement Form in order to become a participant of the program.
Businesses will have a specific allotted time period after the end of the program to submit their Reimbursement Form, along with the sales report or receipts and collected Los Al Bucks. The described items must be submitted during the allotted time period to secure their reimbursement.
Businesses can submit the Reimbursement Form (along with required back-up) bi-weekly while the program is running.
Participating businesses shall display the City provided vinyl sticker at the entry-way of its establishment, to easily identify participation in the program for residents.
 At the time of each transaction, residents are required to surrender the Los Al Buck redeemed to the merchant.
Businesses will have up to 45 business days after the conclusion of the program to submit all the required documentation for reimbursement.
 -Los Al Bucks can be redeemed at a non-profit store but not eligible to be used as a donation.
Interested businesses must be in good standing with the City (i.e., no outstanding Code Enforcement cases, no outstanding business license fees and inactive license status). 

The following is guidance on how to use your Bucks: 

In order to be able to use a Los Al Buck, the total purchase at a participating business must be of greater value than the Los Al Bucks being spent. The table below shows the use of the Los Al Bucks and the corresponding minimums: 

Chart Guidance for using Your Los Al Bucks

Program Forms: 

Participation Form 
Click here to access the Shop Los Alamitos Program Participation Form. All businesses interested in participating in the program, must submit a completed application to the City. Businesses may submit the completed form via email to or deliver to the Los Alamitos City Hall at 3191 Katella Avenue Los Alamitos, CA 90720.

Reimbursement Form 
Click here for the Shop Los Alamitos Program Reimbursement Form. All participating businesses of the program must submit a completed Reimbursement Form, along with the used Los Al Bucks and the associated receipt for that transaction in order to secure reimbursement for purchases made using Los Al Bucks. 

Program Guidelines 
Click here to download the Program guidelines. All participants of the program shall adhere to the prescribed guidelines. 

Stay Informed!

To receive the latest updates about the Los Al Bucks Program, please follow the City's social media platforms.