Is there a limit to the number of dogs / cats that I may have?

Except in the instance of an animal shop as provided in Section 6.16.060, no person shall keep or maintain more than 3 licensed dogs and 3 cats, over the age of 4 months, on any lot or parcel of land within the City unless first obtaining a permit therefore. Such permit shall be required in addition to tags or other licenses which may be required by this title. The director may issue a permit for the keeping of 4 or more dogs or cats in his or her discretion, giving particular concern to the safety and comfort of such animals and the inhabitants of the neighborhood. The permit shall specify the number and types of animals authorized to be kept there under and may contain conditions as deemed necessary by the director.

Such permit shall be nontransferable and must be renewed annually. Permit fees shall be established by contract with the city of Long Beach or otherwise set by resolution of the City Council (Ordinance 647 § 3 (part), 2001).

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