How can I apply for a permit?

Permits are issued by the Building and Safety Division in City Hall. For simple jobs, a permit can often be obtained during the first visit; however, in most circumstances, more time is needed so plans can be reviewed in detail prior to the issuance of the permit. A minimum of 3 complete sets of plans are required to obtain permits. Under certain circumstances, the Building Official may waive this requirement. If plans are required they must include the following items:

  • A front and side elevation of the new building or addition.
  • Construction details and material specifications.
  • The location of emergency rescue windows from bedrooms and sleeping areas.
  • Energy/insulation requirements.
  • For new construction or additions which will increase the "footprint" of the building, a plot plan must also be submitted on a form provided by the Building Division. This must show the location of all buildings, and the distance from each building to the property lines.

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