Earthquakes, wildfires, floods, mudslides, and incidents of terrorism are all be classified as disasters, and some of these occur somewhere in California every year. However, living in Los Alamitos, it is easy to believe we won’t be personally affected by these incidents. In reality, we are just as likely to experience a disaster here, whether it is an act of Mother Nature or criminal intent, as any place in the state. In fact, a recent study revealed that the southern half of California has more than a 97% chance of having a magnitude 6.7 or larger earthquake within the next 30 years. Scientists agree that there is no doubt that it will occur, the only questions is when.

During a disaster, it is possible that emergency services will not reach you for hours, even days. Police and Fire responders will be tasked with prioritizing their response based on life-saving needs and damage to critical City and County infrastructure systems. It might be several days, or longer, before vital services or basic utilities are restored. Many times the key to getting through a major disaster comes down to your own proactive approach to preparation.


We know that a disaster is coming, so there are some basic steps you should take now, so you will be ready when it happens:

Make Plans
Emergency Supply Kits Stay Informed

Help your neighbors and work as a team – Click here for Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) website.

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