Orange County resident’s vaccination group will be determined by a number of factors, such as:

  • Work settings
  • Direct contact with COVID-19 patients
  • Recent positive COVID-19 test result or infection
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • History of severe allergic reactions to injected medications or vaccinations
  • Age
  • Existing comorbidities
  • Living environment – congregate facility or long term care facility

All information here is subject to change. Please return often for updated information. 

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Urgent Volunteer Request

Volunteers, we need your help!   Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, the Orange County Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) has been activated to support immediate volunteer needs, including hands-on and virtual opportunities during this disaster.  Our Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) is currently pre-registering volunteers to assist with distributing COVID-19 vaccines this year.  To learn more visit: