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Curb Painting

The City of Los Alamitos has authorized a charity to paint curb addresses.  Representatives from Canning Hunger will be conducting their curb painting program beginning July 13, 2015.  The cost for their services is strictly a volunteer donation.  The Orange County-based non-profit group uses the funds donated during their ‘Curbing Hunger’ program to help feed homeless and low-income families across the nation.  Paint crew members wear a t-shirt from Canning Hunger and carry a card identifying them as volunteers, as well as a copy of the permit issued by the City.  If approached by an individual asking for payment for curb painting services, residents are encouraged to ask for their identification and City-issued permit.

Residents who observe an unauthorized paint crew operating in their neighborhood or who would like to confirm an individual’s claim that they are permitted by the City, are asked to call the Public Works Department at 562-431-3538.

To learn more about Canning Hunger, call 1-888-354-3663 or visit its website at

City Hall is open Monday - Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please review procedures here.