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After several months of gathering community feedback about the future of Los Alamitos, the City Council unanimously voted to place Measure Y, the Los Alamitos Quality of Life, 911 Police Response, Business/Job Protection Measure, on the November 3rd ballot.

If a majority of Los Alamitos voters approve Measure Y, it is estimated that this 1.5¢ sales tax measure would generate approximately $4.1 million annually to support the preservation of our public safety and other neighborhood services, while preventing cuts to the services residents and businesses rely on every day.

Funds from the City of Los Alamitos Quality of Life, 911 Police Response, Business/Job Protection Measure will be available to support essential City services including:

  • Police patrols and rapid 911 response
  • Public safety including anti-gang programs and community crossing guards
  • Maintaining streets, parks and aging infrastructure
  • Youth and senior services
  • Parks and recreation programs
  • Emergency preparedness services
  • COVID-19 business relief
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Measure Y Will Secure Los Alamitos’ Financial Future

People live in the City of Los Alamitos because it combines a small-town ambience with excellent schools, effective police service, and a high quality of life to ensure that the community is the ideal place to live, visit, and conduct business. The City Council and staff are passionate about maintaining Los Alamitos for generations to come.

However, due to Sacramento’s takeaways and changes to State law, millions of local tax dollars have been diverted away from our City to solve the State’s own problems. These takeaways and changes are impacting the City’s ability to continue deliver the essential City services that you rely on.



In light of these changing realities, the City of Los Alamitos has had to make difficult choices to maintain a balanced budget. In addition to the budget cuts over the past 10 years, the City closed over a $1.3 million gap in order to land a balanced budget in 2020 by reducing our workforce by the equivalent of an additional 19 full-time positions, including 4 police officers, and implementing pay cuts. Unfortunately, these steps have not fixed the City’s budget challenges, and outside factors like the worldwide coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) have only made the situation worse.

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Did you know that only 1 cent per dollar spent in town stays in Los Alamitos to help pay for local essential public safety and City services? Please check out the breakdown below to see where your sales tax dollars go.

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Click here for more background information about the City’s Fiscal Sustainability efforts and the communities’ feedback regarding this important issue.


Click here for more information on the Ordinance, Resolution and Staff Reports related to Measure Y.


You can also contact the City’s Fiscal Sustainability Manager, David Cain at


Phone: (562) 431-3538, ext. 485

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