Frequently Asked Questions

What is this event?

National Night Out is a designated evening where communities across America come together to take a stand against crime and drugs while building a relationship between the community and police. Our event brings various local businesses and organizations together to benefit the public.  This is a free marketing event for vendors, however, as this is about crime and safety, selling is restricted to those who selling safety and preparedness items. All others can promote their organization with brochures and giveaways. This is a nonpartisan and secular event.

What time does the event start?

The event begins at 5:00pm. Vendors can arrive early to set up starting at 3:00pm. The event is expected to go until 8:00pm, but vendors can leave at any 7:30pm. At 4:45pm, NO DRIVE ONs. You will need to drop off your items at the end of the row and cart it to your booth. NO EXCEPTIONS! Cars will not be allowed back into area until 7:30pm. NO EXCEPTIONS! The cutoff date for registration is Wednesday, August 1 – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Is there special parking for vendors?

Yes, a few days before the event, you will be emailed a packet of information that will include maps of event location and parking.

Who brings the tables, chairs, and canopies?

The vendors are responsible for their own items (chairs, tables, pop-up). You will be only given a 10’x10’ space.

Do vendors need any permits or any other special paperwork to attend?

You must complete the on-line Registration to attend. This will be provided mid-June.

Can vendors sell goods/items?

Yes! However you are required to obtain your own health service permit and provide us with a copy. If you plan to distribute food, you will need to complete a Declaration Form and return by the due date.

Are there any items that are prohibited?

At this point, only alcohol and weapons are prohibited. Please remember that this is a family event. If you have any products or services that are questionable, please contact the Seal Beach Police Department for approval.

Is electricity available?

Electricity availability is extremely limited. You should be prepared to bring your own generator.

May we provide feedback?

Yes! We will have a survey for you to complete to rate the event and provide any additional comments.