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Noise Advisory: Environmental Remediation on Base

Community Advisory Joint Forces Training Base
4522 Saratoga Ave, Building 15,
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Jan. 7, 2013
Sgt. 1st Class Jessica Inigo
Desk: 562-795-2777
Mobile: 916-548-7945
Release 01-07

Noise advisory: Environmental remediation on base

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. — Neighbors of the Joint Forces Training Base, as well as visitors and employees of the Veterans Assistance Center at Building 244 are advised of increased noise and dust at the start of the New Year. A contractor is scheduled to begin spot drilling and chemical oxidation injections on Monday Jan. 14, 2013 to complete the cleanup action of the removed underground fuel tanks in front of Building 244. The Veterans Assistance Center, just south of the main gate on Lexington Drive, is the site of an old gas station that is being fully cleaned-up. The work is scheduled to take a total of four weeks, which will happen between Jan. 14-18, then from Feb. 4-8, and then two weeks to be determined in April. Drilling will not start prior to 7 a.m. and will go no later than 5 p.m. The work will affect the parking lot areas north of and immediately south of the patio overhang, but will not involve the building itself. There are no health dangers or hazards to occupants or visitors to the building. There will be increased noise and some dust from the equipment while they are doing work. All staging and work areas will be marked and blocked, to encourage occupants and visitors to avoid affected areas. Contact Base Operations with any questions or comments at 562-795-1016.

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