Residents of Carrier Row and New Dutch Haven,

In 2017, the Traffic Commission was directed by City Council to review all Residential Parking Permit Areas and identify if the need for the programs still existed. Through the 2018 calendar year, every residential address in the parking permit required zones were sent a questionnaire. The Traffic Commission received a few responses from your neighborhoods and based off those responses , it was determined the program was still needed and desired in your community. The findings of the study were presented to the City Council in February 2019 and can be found on the city website.

The Police Department has distributed informational postcards (pictured above) to those who may be in or near areas where permit parking will be enforced. We have begun to place warning slips on vehicles parked in residential areas where the permit parking zones are located as well. On those slips we have provided information on how to contact the police department to address questions and how to obtain permits. This is an attempt at assisting residents of Carrier Row and New Dutch Haven with maintaining a quality neighborhood and helping to reduce nuisance problems, such as littering and loitering associated with parking concerns.

Below you can find maps of both neighborhoods with yellow highlights and addresses of the residential permit parking zones for ease of identification. If your home is not shown on the map or does not have a yellow line in front of it on the map, you are not part of the program and may not be impacted by this message. Our hope is that the residents are not burdened by those who do not live in the area impacting their streets during this educational time. You will also find a copy of the resolution regarding the parking permit program.

Residents are encouraged to apply for a permit sticker for all vehicles registered to an address in the Residential Parking Permit areas. Additionally, residents in the permit required areas will receive two hanging guest placards. There is no charge for the initial application of permits for any vehicle registered to the qualified address. Charges will only occur if the resident loses a guest placard. The fee to replace them is $10.00. You may apply for these permits at the Los Alamitos Police Department located at 3201 Katella Ave. Los Alamitos, CA 90720. Please have vehicle information available to fill out the permit application.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the enforcement of the program please contact the Police Department at (562)431-2255.

Parking Permit applications can be found here. Feel free to print and fill one out before turning it in to the police department

The resolution involving the decision for the enforcement of the parking permit program can be found below

Here are the maps of the parking permit program areas