Community Outreach and Problem Solving

Community Outreach Programs are developed to foster partnerships and open channels of communication between the Police Department and the Community. The focus of the programs is to provide resources and information to community members on a variety of issues pertaining to the area where they live or work. Using a proactive approach to crime prevention, Community Outreach works with the community to identify and solve problems. These programs also address strategies to prevent crime from occurring in the first place. The ultimate goal of the program is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Los Alamitos.

Community Outreach utilizes multi-dimensional and geographical approaches to crime prevention and other issues. This can include holding neighborhood meetings to first identify problems, and then encompasses a full spectrum of resources to address those issues. City resources, such as Public Works and Code Enforcement, combined with enhanced enforcement, including the addition of the Bicycle Patrol, can be used to saturate a problem area and provide viable solutions. The focus of the program in each geographical area is determined by the issues that are prevalent in that area.

For additional information on any of the following programs, or to schedule a meeting or program, please contact the Police Department at (562) 431-2255.

Multi-tenant Housing

This dimension addressees issues that are characteristic of apartment and condominium areas in the City. The focus is primarily on landlord/tenant issues with attention to crime prevention, residential security, and mitigating crime and narcotic activity.

Single-Family Residential Areas

The issues that are most typical of the single-family residential neighborhoods are residential security, Neighborhood Watch Programs, Disaster Preparedness, Code Enforcement, and traffic. This program is flexible in structure so the emphasis can be directed where it is most needed.

Business Crime Prevention

The Business Crime Prevention aspect of the program focuses on loss prevention, physical security, and crime trends in Los Alamitos. Meetings are scheduled by request, and may be scheduled with individual businesses or with the Chamber of Commerce.

School and Youth Programs

Although the officers of the Los Alamitos Police Department are involved in a number of youth programs in the community, this program targets special programs and events. The officers assigned to each school make frequent appearances and become familiar to the faculty and students. Establishing relationships and building trust have been the hallmark of this program. In addition to the routine efforts provided by team members, the officers also participate in special presentations such as Every Fifteen Minutes,  Narcotics Education and Prevention, and the Safe Schools Program.