Below are the award winners for the 2019 Weekend of Art Event:

Mayor’s Award- Jackson St. by Mark Berger

Commissioner’s Award- Fathers Love by Rosario Grint

Curator’s Award- Basket of Joy by Sydney Bang

Art Educator Award- As a Deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O’God Psalms 42:1 by Jessica Chapman


2D Elementary Division 1st Place- Geometry Buddies by Leila Beltran

2D Elementary Division 2nd Place- Fairy House by Aerin Martin

2D Elementary Division 3rd Place- Foglan Water by Sohan Manur

2D Jr High Division 1st Place-Spring Blossom by Kristen Chan

2D Jr High Division 2nd Place- Bear by Ellis Duff

2D Jr High Division 3rd Place-Snow Canyon by Isabella Meader

2D High School Division 1st Place- Mike by Lukas Petdna Morrison

2D High School Division 2nd Place-God the Luthier by Sophia Hill

2D High School Division 3rd Place- Portrait of Desmond by Eliana Manfro

2D Adult Division 1st Place- Villa at Cuomo by Dolores Youseff

2D Adult Division 2nd Place- Eternal Battle by Cambria Ullom

2D Adult Division 3rd Place- View from Aarons Bridge by Tom Oliver


3D Elementary Division 1st Place- Dinosaur Land by Noelle Cordova

3D Elementary Division 2nd Place- Few of My Favorite Things by Sophia Shalbey

3D Elementary Division 3rd Place- Chez Burger by Mimi Farrell

3D Jr High Division 1st Place- Dream Catcher by Dana Kim

3D Jr High Division 2nd Place- Emerald Arches by Butch Abacherli

3D Jr High Division 3rd Place- War of Roses by Gabrielle Born

3D High School Division 1st Place- Tiki by Shelby Kain

3D High School Division 2nd Place- Raku Pot by Sadie Mucciaro

3D High School Division 3rd Place- N/A (NOT ENOUGH SUBMISSIONS)

3D Adult Division 1st Place- Above the Burgess Pass by Ricky Hill

3D Adult Division 2nd Place- Untitled by Kevin Boylan

3D Adult Division 3rd Place- Sea Life by Darleen Ortlieb





THANK YOU to our generous donors who have graciously contributed to the 2019 event!



Curator, Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza

The Studio at Alamitos Eye Care