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Rehabilitation of the 91 Express Lanes

Information provided by OCTA

Beginning September 9, OCTA is undertaking a rehabilitation of the 91 Express Lanes along the SR-91 corridor between Orange and Riverside Counties.  This project will require the closure of the 91 Express Lanes, and the #1 general purpose lane over a series of weekends beginning in September.  Branded “The 91 Weekend Shift”, repaving is scheduled to occur approximately over 10 consecutive weekends, 5 weekends in each direction and 1 direction at a time. Paving will begin in the eastbound direction from about SR-55 to the county line. Once repaving is finished in the eastbound direction, crews will repave the 91 Express Lanes in the westbound direction, from about the county line to SR-55.

Additional information can be found on OCTA’s website. Please click the image below to be redirected.



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