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Conserve Energy this Summer

(Information provided by Southern California Edison)

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Everywhere in Southern California, people are doing their part to conserve energy. Because when we use less as a community, everyone wins. By visiting SCE’s website you can discover solutions, incentives, tips, tools, and programs that will you lower your energy usage, better manage your bill, and earn bill credits.


Get With the Programs to Manage Summer Bills


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Get Cool Bill Credits When It’s Hot

Earn up to $100 annually* in bill credits with Save Power Days. Simply reduce your energy use on certain days during peak hours. We’ll alert you the day before a Save Power Day so you can plan ahead.


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Lower Your A/C Use, Increase Bill Credits

Enroll in the Summer Discount Planand earn up to $200** in bill credits by letting us remotely cycle off your A/C compressor on a temporary basis. You can choose from four options and even get the ability to override.

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Buy Nice Appliances, Get Nice Rebates

Upgrade or replace your tired appliances for new, more energy-efficient models and enjoy rebates and incentives. We’ll even pick up your old refrigerator for free and give you $50.




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