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Boards, Commissions, and Committees

The City’s Charter allows the City Council to create by ordinance Boards or Commissions and may grant to them powers and duties consistent with the provisions of the City’s Charter.  California Government Code 54950, often referred to as the Ralph M. Brown Act, establishes guidelines for open and public meetings of legislative bodies.  It defines “legislative body” broadly to include just about every type of decision-making body of a local agency.

Board, Commission, and Committee members are advisory bodies. They are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the City Council in an advisory capacity to provide citizen input and recommendations. They advise and make recommendations to the City Council, but the City Council has the final responsibility for all policy decisions.  The Planning Commission also serves as a decision making body, per State law.

An appointment to a Board, Commission, or Committee is an honor and a responsibility and increases citizen participation in the affairs of government.  As advisors, regular attendance at meetings, understanding the duties and role, and working to contribute to the betterment of the community are needed of each member.  City staff provides technical and administrative assistance to the City Council and appointed advisory groups.


The Boards, Commissions and Committees are composed of the following number of members.  Members are appointed by the City Council as terms expire and/or as vacancies occur.

For additional information on each Commission, please feel free to click the links above, review the Commission Handbook, or contact the City Clerk’s Office directly.

Local Appointment List

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: In compliance with the requirements of the Maddy Act, Government Code Section 54972, the Local Appointments List is posted on or before December 31st each year at the City’s three designated posting locations. The list provides specific information, such as name of the commissioner/committee member, qualifications for appointment, and term expiration date.

Recruitment Process

Only registered voters of the City of Los Alamitos are eligible for appointments. All Board, Commission and Committee members are appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the City Council.  The City Clerk oversees the appointment process and maintains a roster of all appointees.

Those wishing to apply for appointment to a Board, Commission or Committee may do so by filling out an application form available from the office of the City Clerk.    Every effort is made by the Council to give representation on a Board, Commission or Committee from a diverse cross-section of the City’s citizens.  A resident may apply concurrently for appointment to more than one Board, Commission or Committee, but may be appointed to only one of these advisory bodies at a time.

The process of filling vacancies is as follows:

  1. An Availability Notice, detailing the Commission/Board’s purpose, meeting location/time and current vacancy is prepared. The Notice specifies a filing period in which applications are accepted. The Notice is sent to local newspapers and posted at City Hall, the Community Center and the Museum, and posted online.
  1. Only new applications will be considered for current vacancies. Residents who are not current appointees and are interested in serving on a Commission/Board are invited to complete and submit a new application during the filing period.
  1. Once the application deadline is met, a date will be scheduled for City Council to interview all applicants for the vacancy under consideration. Thereafter, the appointment will be made by the City Council.


All members shall be appointed for a term of three years, with the exception of members of the Personnel Appeals Commission, who serve four years.

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