Fiscal Sustainability 

Learn more about the City’s 10 year fiscal forecast, how the City is planning for it, and how you can get involved.



The Administrative Services Department administers the financial affairs of the City. The department manages the City’s revenues, expenditures, investments, purchasing, accounting, financial reporting, budget and debt.  With an established record of excellence in financial reporting, the department is responsible for ensuring the City’s long-term fiscal health.  Its service-minded staff maintain the highest level of accuracy, accountability, and timeliness for both internal and external customers.

The Administrative Services Department can be reached by calling (562) 431-3538, ext. 225.

Master Fee Schedule

Budget Standing Committee

Please click here for agendas and minutes.


Comprehensive Annual 
Adopted Budgets Financial Reports (CAFR)
Budget Fiscal Year 2019-20 CAFR Fiscal Year 2018-19
Budget Fiscal Year 2018-19 CAFR Fiscal Year 2017-18
Budget Fiscal Year 2017-18 CAFR Fiscal Year 2016-17
Budget Fiscal Year 2016-17 CAFR Fiscal Year 2015-16
Budget Fiscal Year 2015-16 CAFR Fiscal Year 2014-15
CAFR Fiscal Year 2013-14
Budget Fiscal Year 2013-14 CAFR Fiscal Year 2012-13
CAFR Fiscal Year 2011-12
Budget Fiscal Year 2011-12 CAFR Fiscal Year 2010-11
Budget Fiscal Year 2010-11 CAFR Fiscal Year 2009-10
Budget Fiscal Year 2009-10 CAFR Fiscal Year 2008-09
CAFR Fiscal Year 2007-08


AAA Credit Rating
On August 11, 2015 Standard & Poor’s (S&P) assigned an Issuer Credit Rating of AAA to the City of Los Alamitos.  The Issuer Credit Rating of AAA is the highest rating available and reflects the view of S&P that the City has an “extremely strong” capacity to meet its financial obligations.  The rating is based on a review of the local economy, City management, financial measures such as liquidity, budgetary performance and budget flexibility, the level of debt and contingent liabilities and a review of the legal and practical environment (State law impacts) in which the City operates.  A copy of the presentation that was made to S&P can be found here, which contains demographic, statistical and financial information related to the City.


Financial Data Transparency Tool
The City has partnered with a company known as OpenGov to develop an online tool that allows users to directly access and analyze financial data in the form of interactive charts and graphs.  Users can evaluate trends and perform multi-year analysis of the City’s revenues and expenditures.  The Financial Data Transparency Tool can be found here.