The City of Los Alamitos is committed to financial transparency and integrity. Therefore, the City has developed a Fraud Hotline, which is designed for reporting City theft, waste, and abuse of City resources.  Examples of City fraud include:

  • Theft of City property, such as inventory or supplies
  • Using City property for personal use
  •  Accepting a bribe, kickback, or illegal gratuity
  •  Bid-fixing

The HOTLINE is not a substitute for employment-related grievances or appeals, as existing City policy and procedures provide channels for resolution of these issues.

If you have an issuer or concern to report, use our independent third-party anonymous and confidential reporting service.  You will need our Company ID (LOSALAMITOS) when reporting incidents or concerns.

Reports can be submitted at 24-hours a day using the secure online reporting form or by calling or faxing to the toll-free number 1-855-FRAUD-HL.

We review all tips and will take appropriate action.

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    We Take Action

    For every tip we receive, we conduct preliminary fact finding and case analysis to determine if there is sufficient basis to undertake in-depth investigation. For every case, we can take one of the following courses of action:

    • Conduct our own investigation: We investigate a case directly, depending on the severity and nature of the allegation and available resources.
    • Request an audit by an independent third-party: Depending on the nature and severity of the allegation an independent third-party (e.g. audit firm, etc.) will investigate the allegation.
    • Request an outside agency to review the tip: Many allegations do not fall under the jurisdiction of the City. Such tips are referred to a county, state or federal agency for investigation.  Examples of this include credit card fraud, welfare fraud, unemployment fraud, mail fraud, etc.
    • Close a case if it lacks merit or sufficient information: Because cases can be made anonymously, we do not always obtain sufficient information to thoroughly investigate. In other instances, the case may lack merit to continue. We will close such cases during the initial review.