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The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of the City’s infrastructure, including City streets, roadway signage, and landscaping; performing graffiti abatement for public facilities; managing drainage structures; performing upkeep of City parks; and, overseeing the maintenance of City-owned traffic signals.

The Department’s eight dedicated employees are responsible for delivering services to the community in a timely, professional manner.  These hard-working staff members are committed to cleaning, repairing, and improving the City’s parks and infrastructure, keeping Los Alamitos safe, clean, and attractive for current and future generations to come. The Public Works Department always welcomes your comments.

To contact the Public Works Department, please call (562) 431-3538, extension 301.

Public Works









Completed permit applications and plans may be submitted in person or via email.


Southern California Edison (SCE)
Safety Tips - Tree Workers

Traffic Control Plan – General Notes
Traffic Control Plan - General Notes

Wide Load Transportation – Truck Route
Wide Load Transportation - Truck Route

Preparation for Rough Weather
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