City Council


  • 6:00 pm
  • 3rd Monday of each month
  • City Hall - Council Chamber
    3191 Katella Avenue
    Los Alamitos, CA 90720

When the day for any regular meeting falls on a legal holiday, no meeting shall be held on the holiday, but a regular meeting shall be held at the same hour on the following business day. (Los Alamitos Municipal Code Chapter 2.04.010)

Watching a Council Meeting

Los Al TV-3 records and airs the Council meetings. They are available for live streaming during the Council meeting online here: Los Al TV Live! website. After the live airing, the recordings are uploaded and made available to the public. Links to previous Council meetings are available with the meeting documents.

Agendas & Minutes

The agenda for all meetings is prepared by the City Clerk's office, posted outside City Hall, Community Services building, and the Museum, and made available online pursuant to State law at least 72 hours before any regularly scheduled meeting. Special Meetings are posted in the same locations 24 hours in advance. The purpose of the agenda is to inform the public in advance of the items that the City Council will consider. The agenda contains a brief description of each item to be discussed.

All items are open to the public except for Closed Session. The agenda package may be reviewed in the City Clerk's office or online beginning the Friday preceding the meeting.

View Most Recent Agendas and Minutes

For meetings older than two years please contact the City Clerk's Office at 562-431-3538, ext. 220.


Shelley Hasselbrink

Mayor Pro Tem

Shelley Hasselbrink Headshot (JPG)

Tanya Doby

Council Member

Tanya Doby Headshot (JPG)

Emily Hibard

Council Member

Emily Hibard Headshot (JPG)

Trisha Murphy

Council Member 

Trisha Murphy Headshot


The City Council is the legislative body of the City and is composed of five members who serve by District and are elected by the registered voters of their respective District. General municipal elections are held in November of even years. City Council members serve staggered terms of four years and can serve up to three consecutive terms.  Any person who has served three consecutive terms would be eligible to serve again after 365 consecutive days out of office (Los Alamitos Charter Section 501).

Annually, at the first regularly scheduled City Council meeting in December, the City Council shall elect a member of the City Council to serve as Mayor. Immediately after the mayoral election, the newly elected Mayor shall conduct a City Council election to select a Mayor Pro Tempore. (Los Alamitos Municipal Code Chapter 2.04.100)

Elected OfficeNameTerm HistoryCurrent Term Ends
Council Member -
District 1
Tanya Doby
Appointed January 2020
Elected November 2020
November 2024
Council Member - 
District 2
Trisha MurphyAppointed October 2022November 2024
Council Member - 
District 3
Jordan Nefulda
Elected November 2020November 2024
Council Member -
District 4
Shelley Hasselbrink
Mayor Pro Tem
Appointed November 2014
Elected November 2018
Appointed November 2022
November 2026
Council Member  - 
District 5
Emily HibardElected November 2022November 2026