Investigations and Administrative Services

Investigations and Administrative Services encompasses the Detective Bureau and those police functions that are not directly related to field enforcement. This includes the:

  • Records Bureau
  • Court Liaison
  • Property and Evidence
  • Facilities
  • Information Technology
  • Administration of the Police Department's grants and budget
  • Professional Standards

It is often referred to as the business of running a police department.

Detective Bureau

Our Detective Bureau is comprised of two detectives and one supervisor. Unlike large police departments where detectives specialize in one area, each of our detectives must be well-rounded in all areas of investigation.

The Detective Bureau Investigates approximately 350 criminal cases per year, however, they also participate in crime analysis, warrant service, conduct Background Investigations on prospective employees, and provide outreach to our community members through a variety of programs. Our unique organizational structure also directs training and recruitment issues to the Bureau.

A newer investigative responsibility, also residing within the Bureau, is Homeland Security. Borne out of September 11th (9-11), this detail includes the specialized Terrorism Liaison Officer.

Records Bureau

The Records Bureau provides a valuable support function for the Police Department. It is responsible for:

  • Protecting and maintaining an up-to-date records management system
  • Tracking subpoenas
  • Managing property and evidence
  • Meeting State and Federal reporting mandates
  • Preparing documents for court
  • Tracking criminal cases from the time of arrest through adjudication or final court disposition the duration of the trial
  • Processing records checks and record requests

The Bureau is also responsible for citation verifications, vehicle releases, and responding to public inquiries, but most importantly, they provide customer service.

Professional Standards

The purpose of Professional Standards is to ensure the public trust and integrity of the Los Alamitos Police Department is maintained at the highest levels through the objective, complete, and impartial investigation of allegations of misconduct. We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining employees who demonstrate a considerable degree of character and ethical behavior. The dedicated men and women who serve the Los Alamitos community value the rights of all citizens and understand the importance of maintaining and improving upon their well deserved reputation of fostering positive community relationships. 

Accordingly, the Police Department is keenly aware of its responsibility in preserving its credibility, trust, and respect within the community and is committed to vigorously investigating allegations of misconduct.

Public Information

Law enforcement has a unique relationship with the media. It is an art to balance the dissemination of information for safety awareness with an individual's right to privacy. Transparency is a necessary component of gaining or maintaining the public's trust so we often see the media as a liaison to the public. The responsibility of serving as the Police Department's Public Information Officer is assigned to the Investigations and Administrative Services Captain.


The Department of Justice only accepts electronically submitted fingerprint images for requests for criminal offender record information for the following purposes:

  • Employment
  • Licensing

The Los Alamitos Police Department does not have the capability to provide electronic fingerprint services. Information about public Live Scan Services can be found by visiting the CA Department of Justice's website.

Police Dispatch

Fifty years ago officers were notified of pending calls when a beacon was lit on top of a tower. Today, police dispatch services are provided by West Cities Police Communications Center (West-Comm), a Joint Powers Authority serving Los Alamitos, Cypress, Seal Beach, and Orange County Park Rangers.

Operating on one of the largest interoperable radio systems in the world (Orange County's 800 megahertz (MHz)), and serving a combined population of the cities totaling approximately 100,000, West-Comm provides professional communications services. In addition to non-emergency calls for service, West-Comm answers almost 25,000 emergency 911 calls each year.

Property & Evidence

Property is released by appointment only. To claim your property, please call 562-431-2255, ext. 430, to schedule an appointment.

Contracted Services

The City of Los Alamitos contracts for Animal Control with Long Beach Animal Care Services. Residents can report animal issues to Long Beach Animal Care Services by calling (562)570-7387.

Crossing guard services operated in the City of Los Alamitos are contracted with All Cities Management.

  1. Kain Gallaugher

    Investigations and Administrative Services Captain
    Phone: 562-431-2255 ext. 410