Permits may be obtained at the Los Alamitos Police Department during regular business hours, Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm If you have questions regarding any of these permits, please call the Records Bureau.

Alarm Permits

The City of Los Alamitos has an Alarm Ordinance, which regulates the use of alarms. Los Alamitos Municipal Code 8.04.080 requires alarm owners to obtain a 2022 Alarm Permit (PDF) to use an alarm system, which triggers the response of the police, fire or other emergency agency. To operate an alarm without complying with the ordinance is a misdemeanor. Alarm permits must be renewed on or before January 1st each year.

To obtain an application for an Alarm Permit, you may call or come to the Police Department during regular business hours.

Alarm Permit Fees are as follows:

  • New Alarm Permits: $58 per year
  • Renewals: $26 per year

Alarm Permit Fee Exemption

Primary residents age 66 and older are exempt from the permit fee providing no business is conducted out of the location.

False Alarm Fees

False Alarm Fees are as follows if you have an alarm permit on file (LAMC 8.04.180):

  • 1st through 3rd false alarm: no charge
  • 4th or more each calendar year: $208 per response

Los Alamitos Municipal Code 8.04.190-8.04.210 allows for the suspension, revocation, and/or discontinuance of police response to alarm calls for service at your location, which may be pursued at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Permits

Los Alamitos Municipal Code 10.24.090 states that no person shall park any vehicle of 22 feet or more in length or any recreational item upon any street or alley between the hours of 2 and 6 am. As defined, a recreational item is a non-motorized recreational vehicle or an item designed for recreational purposes including a:

  • Detached camper shell
  • Boat
  • Trailer
  • Coach
  • Travel trailer
  • Residential trailer
  • Fifth wheel trailer
  • Camper trailer, detached or attached to another vehicle

Jet-skis, off-highway motorcycles, snowmobiles, and airplanes are considered recreational items. The issuance of Parking Exemption Permits is to provide a concise and uniform manner of parking for RVs and other recreational items within the city limits, and also allow proper enforcement of the city ordinance.

A temporary parking permit may be issued at the discretion of the Chief of Police or his designee for overnight parking of a recreational item or RV. The permit is valid for the time period stated thereon and will be issued only in the event of special circumstances, which may include the following:

  • The vehicle will be parked for the purpose of loading and unloading
  • The vehicle is newly purchased and suitable permanent parking or storage is being arranged

A temporary RV parking permit may be obtained at the Police Department during regular business hours. If a guest arrives unexpectedly after hours, you may contact the Watch Commander by calling Police Dispatch at 562-594-7232 for emergency issuance of a permit. Permits must be displayed inside the front windshield or driver's side window.

Neighborhood Parking Permits

As stated in Los Alamitos Municipal Code 10.24.070, parking restrictions apply to some neighborhoods in Los Alamitos. Signs are posted in those neighborhoods where parking restrictions are in effect.

If your neighborhood is designated for permit parking, you may come to the Police Department, during regular business hours, to obtain your permit. You will be required to complete an application and provide proof of residency in the affected area of Los Alamitos. Acceptable proof of residency is a California Driver's License, utility bill or vehicle registration. Residents may also obtain temporary guest permits for their visitors.

Although there is no charge for your first permit, a replacement fee of $10 will apply to all replacement permits.