Parking Citations

Parking Citations can be paid in person at the Police Department, by mail, or online. If you are paying in-person at the Police Department, you must pay with exact cash or a check. If paying online, please visit the  Citation Processing Center Website . If paying by mail, please send a check payable to the City of Los Alamitos to: 

City of Los Alamitos

C/O Citation Processing Center

PO Box 10479 

Newport Beach, CA

Traffic Citations and Red Light Photo Enforcement Citations

Traffic citations and Red Light Camera Violations must be paid for through the West Justice Center either in-person or online with an OC Pay Number. Visit the Superior Court of California Orange County General Traffic Information Page for more information.

Record Request

Record requests may be paid for in-person with cash or check, or payment can be mailed to the Los Alamitos Police Department

Los Alamitos Police Department Fee Schedule

Los Alamitos Police Department fees can be found on the Fee Schedule (PDF). All vehicle releases must be completed and paid for in-person.