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  1. Javier Marquez

    Senior Code Enforcement Officer

My Los Al is the City's customer service hub, designed to facilitate the submittal of street maintenance issues or a code violation.

How Do I Submit a Service Request? 
          1. Submit a concern or ask a question by selecting a topic and filling out the details 
          2. Your request is reviewed by the appropriate department, and the work is assigned 
          3. The City strives to provide a response within three to five business days. Additional time may be needed

Additional Information About Requests for Service: 
          - My Los Al is not monitored 24/7 - call 911 for emergencies or for crimes in progress. 
          - Enter addresses without punctuation - a correct example is: 480 S Allison Pkwy 
          - If you remain anonymous, please provide enough detail so that your concern can be addressed appropriately 
          - Creating an account is not required. However, by creating an account you can review the status of your request and submit additional information 
          - The City will only use the personal information you enter when creating an account, like your name, address and phone number, for business      
             purposes. However, all details are public record, and as with all public records, the City must disclose these records if requested to do so. 
             Requests that can be made anonymously must also be disclosed if requested, but will not contain the reporting party's contact information