Community Development Block Grant

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 

CDBGThe City of Los Alamitos participates in the  Orange County Urban County Program is comprised of 13 smaller cities with populations under 50,000 that have opted to competitively apply annually for CDBG funds through the Urban County Program.  Each year the City uses CDBG funds to provide funding for selected capital expenditure projects that result in developments or construction that meet the eligibility criteria in low and moderate income census tracts within Los Alamitos.

The City has completed the following projects recently:

  • Replacement of Alley, ADA Ramps, and Sidewalks (CIP 18/19-06) in The Apartment Row neighborhood
  • Noel Street Pavement Rehabilitation (CIP 19/20-03) in The Apartment Row neighborhood
  • Howard Avenue Street Improvements (CIP 20/21-02) in The Apartment Row neighborhood

Upcoming projects:

  • Howard Street From Noel Street to Lexington Drive
  • Bloomfield Street from Farquhar Avenue to Katella Avenue 

The Orange County Community Resources filters Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) monies down to smaller cities such as Los Alamitos. The Program provides federal funds to cities with populations under 50,000 for programs that are targeted towards community development. The funds are commonly used for neighborhoods that have a substantial number of low, very low, and extremely low-income residents, and can be used for Senior or ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) projects as well. CDBG shows preference for projects that meet the criteria in the table below:

CDBG Priority Needs

The Grant funds are transferred from HUD to the County annually for use by participating agencies. These funds may be pursued through competitive grant applications sent to the County. Participating cities help to form the annual plan for spending CDBG funds allowing the City a voice in establishing the criteria on which grant applications will be judged. Once grants are awarded, the County assists cities in managing the projects and preparing required reports to HUD. Whether or not the City seeks funding in a particular year, the county oversees the program.


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

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